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Egyptian Anti-Coup Protests Against the Military

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The Anti-Coup Alliance led by the Muslim Brotherhood called for nationwide protests on Wednesday (March 19, 2014) to protest against the army for its role in the removal of President Mohamed Morsi from power last year.

The day marks the first time Egyptians took to the polls following the January 2011 revolution to vote in a constitutional referendum drafted by the then ruling Military Council. University students took the lead in protests; Azhar university students marched outside their campus where they were met with security forces. Several students were injured after security forces used tear gas to try to disperse the gathering. Similar scenes also took place in a number of other campuses across the country.Students also called for the immediate release of fellow students who had been arrested and handed down harsh sentences. The academic year has been largely disrupted in Egypt with political events casting a heavy shadow on almost all educational institutions. Since last year's army coup, anti-government protests have been staged on almost daily basis by supporters of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, as well as by those who reject military intervention in Egypt's politics.

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